Medical condition may factor into George H.W. Bush's recent lapses

A medical condition might explain former President George H.W. Bush’s recent behavior, according to several doctors who are familiar with the condition but not with the President’s case or care. Bush, 93, who has used a wheelchair for the last five years, was accused recently of groping several women while posing for photographs with them. His office today released a statement saying that the touching and a joke that he has told repeatedly was not meant to be inappropriate. The statement offered an apology to anyone who was offended. Bush has been diagnosed with a rare condition known as vascular Parkinsonism, which is generally believed to be caused by small strokes that damage the same bra

Jane Goodall, Still Traveling the World and Speaking Up for Animals at 83

People regularly approach Jane Goodall in airports, tears in their eyes, and tell her she’s their idol. She travels 300 days a year, and at 83, she speaks dreamily about her home in England, the house she grew up in, where her sister still lives with her own family. Goodall will be there soon for a rare five-day vacation, sleeping in the same room with her childhood books—Dr. Dolittle and Tarzan were among her favorites—and looking out the window at the trees she once climbed. In the 1960s Goodall, perhaps the world’s most famous primatologist, taught us that humans and chimpanzees weren’t as different from each other as people then believed. Our closest relatives have individual personaliti

As Seas Warm, Whales Face New Dangers

MOUNT DESERT ROCK, Me. — From the top of the six-story lighthouse, water stretches beyond the horizon in every direction. A foghorn bleats twice at 22-second intervals, interrupting the endless chatter of herring gulls. At least twice a day, beginning shortly after dawn, researchers climb steps and ladders and crawl through a modest glass doorway to scan the surrounding sea, looking for the distinctive spout of a whale. This chunk of rock, about 25 nautical miles from Bar Harbor, is part of a global effort to track and learn more about one of the sea’s most majestic and endangered creatures. So far this year, the small number of sightings here have underscored the growing perils along the Ea

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