Ask Well: Can naps make up for sleep deficits?

Tischbeinahe Q: There’s been lots of coverage lately about meeting exercise recommendations by completing small chunks of exercise throughout the day rather than one, continuous session. Does the same hold true for meeting sleep recommendations? A: No. Unfortunately, sleep does not work that way. Substituting periodic naps for one consolidated night of sleep creates severe sleep deprivation, said Dr. Daniel Buysse, a sleep expert and professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh. He and his colleagues once did an experiment in which volunteers agreed to alternate 30 minutes of sleep with 60 minutes of wakefulness for two and a half days straight. They ended up sleep deprived, he sa

Evidence Grows Linking Zika, Microcephaly and Other Nerve Syndromes

Chatham House Scientists are still scrambling to get a full scientific picture of the Zika virus, but experts already know enough to be scared of it. “Strong public health actions should not wait for definitive scientific proof,” Margaret Chan, director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), said Tuesday, after meeting in Geneva, Switzerland with the agency's Review Committee on Zika. New findings offer the first hint of answers about how Zika might be damaging the developing brain and fetus, and how devastating this outbreak might become. Click here to see the story on Over the last week, the outbreak has topped 30 countries and travelers “in every region of

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